Basic Field Training Manual


Gamekeepers Retrievers Basic Field Training Manual, by Mitch White, is a your step by step guide to building a solid foundation for your retriever to compete in AKC/UKC Hunt Tests or to become a fine hunting companion.


The Basic Field Training Manual is the foundation guide to Mitch White’s highly successful training program.  Building a solid foundation is crucial to your retriever’s success and the basic manual provides you a step by step guide to laying a strong one.  By following the Gamekeepers program, your retriever will be capable of running a junior or started level hunt test and will be well prepared to continue onto the next level, Transition.


  • Introduction
  • Thoughts About Training
  • Puppy Selection
  • Getting Started
  • Basic Field Training
  • Obedience
  • The Force Fetch
  • Marks
  • Honor and Steadiness
  • Marking Drills
  • Double Marks
  • Water Marks
  • Pro Trainers
  • Test Set Ups and Tests
  • Conclusion
  • Glossary
  • Recommended Readings

188 pages, soft cover, spiral bound

About the Author:

Mitch has been training retrievers for field work since 1988. A true student of the game, Mitch has developed a program that goes outside the box to enable all breeds of retrievers to succeed at the highest level. Knowing that every dog is an individual, and that fairness must be at the forefront of all training, Mitch creates a skill set in his dogs that allows them to make decisions; correcting poor decisions and praising good decisions. Mitch has rehabilitated many dogs that have been washed out by other trainers, teaching them to confidently go further in training. Since 2004, Mitch’s clients and students have earned countless field titles, at all levels, including several Master National Qualifiers and Finalists as well as dogs with field trial placements. The author of Basics and Transition Manuals, he is expecting his Advanced and Drills Manuals to be released in 2020. Mitch is also a highly sought-after AKC Master judge.


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