The Labrador Retrievers

The Labradors… (and one English Cocker!)

Bear Country Love Of The Game MH “Bliss”


While Mitch was training Bristol, (HRCH Carronade’s Thunder Valley MH)he just knew that when she had pups, he would get his next Labrador from her.  And when Clint and Sherie told him they had decided to breed Bristol to Grady (FC/AFC Cody Cut A Lean Grade), that just made his decision all the more perfect.


Bliss had two great litters by Colby (HRCH Hold My Beer & Watch This QA2 MH) and Smoke (FC AFC Black Smoke Arising MH).  She is retired and resides with Rob & Linda O’Leary nearby in Ohio.  Her favorite pastime is raiding the garden and going on tower shoots.


Bourbon below

Gamekeepers Whiskey A Go Go MH “Bourbon”

Bourbon is Bliss’ daughter sired by Colby (HRCH Hold My Beer And Watch This QA2 MH).  Smart, birdy and cute as heck.  She is mainly guiding for waterfowl and upland with Mitch.

Karlee and Tupelo below





Gamekeepers Sweet As Tupelo Honey SH “Tupelo”

  • Tupelo is Bliss’ daughter sired by Smoke (FC AFC Black Smoke Arising MH).  Tupelo is a smaller, driven, birdy girl who loves working in the field.  She is currently working on  Obedience and Field titles.


Gamekeepers  Oneness  “Zen”

Tupelo’s boy from her first litter.  A thoughtful pup with a very sweet personality.  Ready to learn what the Universe has in store for him.

English Cockers as well!!!

Bunny is an upland hunting machine.  She loves being in the field.  She also helps out as mechanics dog for the retriever training.  Mitch acquired her to develop further training techniques for the spaniels.

Warrener’s Blue Jay In Briars “Bunny”


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