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Gamekeepers Retrievers, Ltd., is a professional retriever training service, specializing in training all breeds of retrievers and spaniels for AKC hunt test programs, breed club field programs and as personal hunting companions.

Mitch White – Head Field Trainer/Key Note Speaker

BintiSpecialtyBWPrintWPMitch has been training retrievers for field work since 1988.  Mitch now trains all retriever breeds, spaniels and poodles professionally.  Over the years, his program has been developed to utilize an approach that works for all of these different breeds.  Because Mitch trains many different breeds, he often has to get “outside of the box” from popular retriever training methods.  One of the key ingredients of the program is fairness to the dog.  Mitch believes in putting the work into teaching a solid foundation so the dog creates a skill set which aids the dog in making good decisions in the field.  

Since becoming a professional trainer, Mitch along with his clients and students earn countless field titles each year, at all levels, including several Master National Qualifiers/Finalists and dogs with Field Trial placements.  Mitch has a loyal following of private lesson students who come from all over the country and Canada to consult with him about training and problem solving.  He also conducts a variety of training seminars and workshops all across the United States and in Canada.  His seminars have received accolades from many licensed judges and from other professional trainers.  Mitch has published two training manuals and is currently finishing the third manual in this series which will be published in the near future.  He has appears on many Outdoor television shows, and can be found at major sporting show venues.

2011 Master National Finalists

Master National Finalists-3 breeds

Mitch’s other credentials include:

  • AKC Master/Senior/Junior Hunt Test Judge
  • WC/WCI/WCX approved judge for Flat-coats, Tollers, Goldens,  Labs and Airedales
  • UKC Finished/Seasoned/Started Hunt Test Judge (currently inactive)
  • Columnist for several dog magazines
  • Author of several training manuals
  • Seminar presenter
  • Former Member of the FCRSA Field Committee
  • Former President of the Flat-coated Retriever Club of Illinois
  • Former President of the Midwest Waterways Flat-coated Retriever Club
  • Former Director of the Flat-coated Retriever Society of America

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