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CH Flatford Major Obsession NA JH WC “Jazz”

Jazz Head Shot Border

  • September 29, 1993 – October 2, 2002
  • Sire: BISS CH Snowdown Canis Major CD “Major”
  • Dam: CH Darkside Elegant Velvet CD JH WC HOF “Velvet”

The Gamekeepers Retrievers breeding program started in 1993 with the purchase of a Flat-coated Retriever puppy from the Flatford Kennel.  That little puppy grew up to be Jazz, CH Flatford Major Obsession NA JH WC.  Jazz was a lovely bitch with a group placement and FCRSA National Specialty JAM to her credit.  However, the show ring was really not her place to shine.  She was Maria’s best friend and never met anyone, human or canine, that she did not like.  Her biggest contribution to the breed has been through her progeny.  As Gamekeeper’s Retrievers foundation bitch, Jazz passed her lovely looks and sweet temperament on to her multi-talented offspring.  We owe it all to her.

CH HRCH Gamekeepers Black Hawk MH WCX HOF “Hawk”


  • April 28, 1996 – February 28, 2008
  • Sire: CH Amani’s Windfall Magic CD MH WCX *** HOF “Magic”
  • Dam: CH Flatford Major Obsession NA JH WC “Jazz”

Hawk was the dog we dreamed of when we planned our first litter.  A true dual purpose dog that would excel in both breed and field.  During his show career, Hawk was the #5 Flat-coat All-Systems in 2001, won Best of Breed at Westminster in 2002 and had three FCRSA National Specialty JAM’s as well as multiple group placements to his credit, all breeder/owner handled by Maria White.

In the field, Hawk earned his AKC Master Hunter and his UKC HRCH, trained and handled by Mitch White.  But all of these accomplishments don’t begin to measure his true worth as both best friend and best hunting buddy to Mitch.  The two of them lived for hunting season.  Hawk was equally at home working upland game as he was in the duck blind.  Mitch and Hawk were given an opportunity for Hawk to showcase these talents in Outdoor Life Network’s Beretta’s Bird Dog Journal “Flat-coats in the Dakotas”, a once in a lifetime experience that Mitch will never forget.

Hawk made a great showing during his final appearance at an FCRSA National Specialty (2005).  He was just two weeks short of his 9th birthday, Hawk earned a JAM in the Steady Singles competition in the field.  Then in the conformation ring, Hawk went Best of Opposite Sex in Veteran Sweeps from the 7-9 class, won the 7-9 Regular Veteran Class and won the Stud Dog class.

Hawk left an indelible mark on the breed.  As of Oct. 18, 2014, his progeny include:

  • 3 Grand Champions and 27 Champions
  • Multiple Specialty BOB/JAM winners and 2 National Specialty Best Puppy in Sweeps winners
  • Multiple Group Winning/Placing Specials
  • 10 Master Hunters
  • 3 Master National Finalists – Charm (Binti), Ransom and Scout (Both out of Rip)
  • Multiple progeny with Field Trial placements including the 1st Flat-coat to place in an All Age Field Trial Stake in over 20 years – Ransom
  • plus 4 Master Agility Champions, 1 Obedience Trial Champion and 1 Champion Tracker.

Wynflat’s Binti Wa Amani RN SH WCX “Binti”


  • October 15, 1999 – May 25, 2011
  • Sire: CH Artic Sun’s Wingover Chat MH WCX *** “Chat”
  • Dam: CFC/CAFC Amani’s Wynfield Ace In The Hole MH *** “Ping”

Binti came to Gamekeepers in October, 2004 to fulfill our promise to Ann Mortenson that we would care for her when Ann was no longer able to do so.  Binti fit right in to her new life.  Binti earned her WCX at the FCRSA National Specialty in May, 2006 and finished her Senior Hunter in June of 2007.  In the last couple of years, Binti began spending some time with our friend, Linda Lowy.  Binti taught Linda all about handling for SH/MH work and Linda taught Binti all about Rally.

In June 2010, Mitch took Binti to the FCRSA National where she won the Steady Singles C stake, proving that even as an 11 year old she still wanted to compete with the young dogs.  Due to this win, Mitch and Linda decided to keep working her in the field to brush up her handling skills for Master.  Mitch handled Binti to her first Master pass on October 31, 2010 which she earned with style.  Binti was dam to Ace and Charm and the daughter of two of the breeds most talented field dogs, Chat and Ping.  We are honored that Ann placed her in our care, it was our privilege to share her life.  Binti never missed a meal or stopped wagging her tail until the day she died.  She was an amazing girl!

CH Bear C’ntry Hob-B Reminiscent MH WCX “Remie”


  • May 16, 2001 – January 27, 2014
  • Sire: CH UH Hardscrabble Feathr Fetchr MH WCX CGC “Jamie”
  • Dam: Rennaisance Tropical Storm CD MH WCX CGC “Windy”

Remie was bred by and co-owned with our friends Clint and Sherie Catledge.  The Catledge’s bred Remie to Hawk and when she was recovered from her puppies she needed to go back to work.  So Clint and Sherie offered Remie to Mitch, on a co-ownership basis, to train and run through Master.  Mitch and Remie finished up her Senior in June of 2007.  Then she took some time off to raise her second litter (sired by Ace and born April 6, 2008).  Once her motherhood duties were over, Remie got right back out in the field and earned her Master title on May 3, 2009.  When she retired from the field, she was Mitch’s primary pheasant hunting dog.  She had an outstanding nose and was a favorite guiding at the local hunt clubs.  She was a sweet girl and she lived her life to the fullest.

CH HR Amani’s Top Gun MH WCX  “Ace”


  • August 19, 2003 – September 22, 2015
  • Sire: CH HRCH Gamekeepers Black Hawk MH WCX HOF
  • Dam: Wynflat’s Binti Wa Amani SH WCX

Ace was out of the last litter by Ann Mortenson before her untimely death in October of 2004.  Ann had high hopes for this breeding (Hawk x Binti) and Ace lived up to her hope of producing excellent working dogs that are true to type who would do well in the field and in the show ring.  Ace lived a full and active life right up to the end.  At 11 years old, Ace came out of retirement to teach our friend Linda O’Leary how to run a Master dog.  In addition to working together in the field, Linda got Ace certified as a therapy dog (Linda said “The old folks will love him.  He is lumpy like they are!”) and they hit the conformation ring together.  Ace got 2nd place in both the regular and sweepstakes 11+ Veteran Classes at the 2015 FCRSA National Specialty handled beautifully by Linda.  Ace sired three litters that are proving they are superstars in conformation, field and performance and Ace is the grandsire of the Reserve Winners Dog at the 2015 FCRSA National.  He was affectionately known as Big Ace by all who knew him for his big presence and big heart.  He had quite a fan club and leaves a big hole here at Gamekeepers.

 CH HR Amani Bedazzled MH29 WCX HOF  “Charm”

  • August 19, 2003 – January 19, 2018
  • Sire: CH HRCH Gamekeepers Black Hawk MH WCX HOF
  • Dam: Wynflat’s Binti Wa Amani SH WCX

A legend in the breed, Charm was perfectly named as she charmed everyone she met even when she is being bad.  Being well constructed and typey with a lovely head, Charm earned her bench championship quickly and easily but where she really shined was in the field.  She earned her SH in October, 2006, took a bit of time off to hit the show ring, then resumed her field training.  She completed her HR in April, 2007 and went on to earn her Master Hunter title with ease in October of 2007.

After earning that title she took time off for motherhood then resumed her field career to qualify for and pass the 2011 Master National becoming the first bitch in breed history to earn this award.  Charm continued to run master where she amassed 29 passes and qualified for two additional Master Nationals (2012 and 2013).

Charm’s offspring include 2015 National Specialty HIT winner, multiple MACH’s, several GCH’s and numerous field title holders.  She is the granddam to numerous title holders including a Best In Show winner.   As a veteran Charm was still going strong, winning the 11+ Veteran Bitch Regular Class, placing 2nd in 11+ Sweepstakes at the 2015 National Specialty being inducted into the FCRSA Hall of Fame.

Naturally watery her entire life, at 14 she was still the first one in the pond for a swim and wouldn’t go home unless she got her marks too.  A one of a kind dog with a huge heart, drive and desire,  her impact on the breed will be felt for generations.


AKC/NSDTRC USA CH HoneyRun Patriot Games SH WCI “Hollywood”


  • October 28, 2006 – August 24, 2018

Hollywood was one cool dog!  He earned his Championship after only being shown for three weekends.  His wins included: Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best Puppy at the NSDTRC National Specialty; multiple Best of Breed wins over group placing specials; All-Breed Sweepstakes “Best In Show” winner at Skokie Valley Kennel Club on December 15, 2007 and a Sporting Group 2 in Indianapolis.

CoolHollywoodWPBut he was not all beauty, Hollywood loved field work.  An eye injury, which affected his depth perception, ended his competitive career with three master passes, but he continued to hunt up to the time of his death.  Hollywood was an outstanding pheasant dog and a favorite among Mitch’s hunting buddies.  He was an extraordinary gamefinder.  In his golden years, you could find Hollywood riding on the ATV with his best buddy Mitch, helping to set up the marks and lay out the blinds, or hanging out by the truck getting his “cool” on!  One thing is for sure, once you met Hollywood, you never forgot him.  You know all of his buddies let out a rousing cheer of HOLLYWOOOOOOOOD! when he reached the rainbow bridge.

CH Gamekeepers Boom Chicka Wow Wow SH WCX “Chick”


  • November 5, 2012 – May 3, 2020
  • Sire: GCHP BIS Flatford Ruffles and Flourishes MH
  • Dam: CH Gamekeepers Black Diamond CD MH WCX

Chick was Mitch’s little Rock Star!  A very talented and pretty girl, she breezed through her JH, then finished her Championship in just 1 month.  At the 2015 FCRSA National Specialty, Chick won the highly competitive Working Bitch Class, JAM’d in the Unsteady Singles and earned her WC.  When she completed her time in the show ring, Chick was back in the field earning her SH and WCX and then took time out of the field to have two lovely litters of puppies.  Weeks away from her Master debut, Chick became ill and we lost her to cancer two days later.  She never gave us any indication of the tumor growing inside her.  Her tragic and untimely death is a huge blow to all of us at Gamekeepers.

BIS RBIS BOSS GCHG Gamekeepers Prince Charming RN JH HOF  “Prince Charming”

BIS RBIS BOSS GCHG Gamekeepers Prince Charming RN JH HOF
  • April 8, 2011 – August 18, 2020
  • Sire: CH Rowansgard Diggory Venn CD MH NA NAJ WCX ***
  • Dam: Gamekeepers Side By Side

Prince Charming was everything a Prince should be…handsome, sweet natured, outgoing and fun.  We never doubted that he was something special from day time he was born.  Like his Grandmother Charm, Prince Charming “charmed” his way into Maria’s heart.  The only male pup born in the Purdey x Diggor litter, he was supposed to go to another home, but his actions made it very clear that he needed to stay right here at Gamekeepers.


Prince Charming, easily earned his JH as a youngster as well as earning a Rally Novice title for some fun.  When he was ready, PC went to his best buddy Lisa Bettis and together they had a remarkable show career.  PC quickly and easily finished his Championship by winning Best of Breed at every show and earning all but 3 of his points by taking the Breed over multiple specials and picking up a Group 2 from the classes along the way.  PC immediately sailed through to his Grand Championship, winning Best of Breed at the FCRCI supported Entry and picking up another Group 2 and a Group 4.


In November 2014, Prince Charming came home for a break to grow up some more and work on his Senior Hunter.  However, that plan changed, when after 6 months PC went back to his buddy, Lisa Bettis to get ready for the 2015 National.  In one month, PC earned enough breed points to take over as the #1 male Flat-coat while picking up several more group placements and earning his Bronze Grand Championship.

Lisa and Prince Charming

By the end of their 3rd month together, Lisa and PC had amassed 16 group placements including back to back Group 1’s in Fort Dodge, Iowa.  April 9, 2016, Prince Charming made all of our dreams come true by winning his first All Breed Best In Show at the Saginaw Valley Kennel Club show and then following it up by winning Reserve Best In Show on Sunday.  Since then PC added many more Group wins and placements to his record, earned his place in the FCRSA Hall of Fame and ended his show career by winning Best of Opposite Sex at the 2017 FCRSA National Specialty.  Upon his retirement from the showring, Prince Charming was supposed to go back to the field, but Maria could not part with him so he remained at home to be generally spoiled by her for the rest of his life.

Prince Charming lives on in his offpring and we look forward to hearing more about their accomplishments.

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