The Labrador Retrievers

Our Labradors…

Bear Country Love Of The Game MH “Bliss”

Bliss03TNLogSMMitch’s girlfriend!  While Mitch was training Bristol, (HRCH Carronade’s Thunder Valley MH)he just knew that when she had pups, he would get his next Labrador from her.  And when Clint and Sherie told him they had decided to breed Bristol to Grady (FC/AFC Cody Cut A Lean Grade), that just made his decision all the more perfect.


Mitch and Bliss

Mitch absolutely made the right decision and he loves her to pieces.  She is a happy little thing, never stops wagging her tail and loves to work.  Maria asked Mitch why he named her Bliss (there is nothing “blissful” about her personality!!) and he said it was because she is blissful to train.  Super smart, super birdy, super charged…that’s Bliss.  She earned her Master Hunter with style and is now concentrating on Field Trials.  She took sometime off for a nice litter with Colby (HRCH Hold My Beer And Watch This MH).  The pups are showing great promise.

Watermarks Rock N Roll Girl Tina QA2 JH “Tina”

Mitch and our dear friend Mike Garrity co-own this little spitfire!  Tina was bred by Dr. Mary Tatum and is the daughter of “Emmitt” NFC FC Watermarks Running Back.  According to Mitch, Tina is “One smart ball of fire and a heck of a lot of fun to train!”.  After getting her basic here at Gamekeepers, Mike sent Tina to Andy Attar where she has been training for and running Field Trials with great success.  She is one talented girl and we hope she will be our first FC/AFC.

Gamekeepers Whiskey A Go Go JH “Bourbon”

Bourbon is Bliss’ daughter sired by Colby (HRCH Hold My Beer And Watch This QA2 MH).  Smart, birdy and cute as heck, we are looking forward to watching this little girl grow up.

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