The Flat-coated Retrievers

BIS RBIS BOSS GCHG Gamekeepers Prince Charming RN JH HOF  “Prince Charming”

BIS RBIS BOSS GCHG Gamekeepers Prince Charming RN JH HOF

  • DOB: April 8, 2011
  • AKC # SR67592705
  • OFA Hips: FR-5435E35M-VPI
  • OFA Patellas: FR-PA2141/35M/P-VPI
  • OFA Elbows: FR-EL2394M35/VPI
    • OFA CAER (Eyes): FR-EYE432/54M-VPI Normal on 10/31/2015
  • Prince Charming’s Pedigree

Prince Charming is everything a Prince should be…handsome, sweet natured, outgoing and fun.  We never doubted that he was something special from day time he was born.  Like his Grandmother Charm, Prince Charming “charmed” his way into Maria’s heart.  The only male pup born in the Purdey x Diggor litter, he was supposed to go to another home, but his actions made it very clear that he needed to stay right here at Gamekeepers.

PCBISGroup1WPPrince Charming, easily earned his JH as a youngster as well as earning a Rally Novice title for some fun.  When he was ready, PC went to his best buddy Lisa Bettis and together they had a remarkable show career.  PC quickly and easily finished his Championship by winning Best of Breed at every show and earning all but 3 of his points by taking the Breed over multiple specials and picking up a Group 2 from the classes along the way.  PC immediately sailed through to his Grand Championship, winning Best of Breed at the FCRCI supported Entry and picking up another Group 2 and a Group 4.

PCBISSeatedWPIn November 2014, Prince Charming came home for a break to grow up some more and work on his Senior Hunter.  However, that plan changed, when after 6 months PC went back to his buddy, Lisa Bettis to get ready for the 2015 National.  In one month, PC earned enough breed points to take over as the #1 male Flat-coat while picking up several more group placements and earning his Bronze Grand Championship.

Lisa and Prince Charming

By the end of their 3rd month together, Lisa and PC had amassed 16 group placements including back to back Group 1’s in Fort Dodge, Iowa.  April 9, 2016, Prince Charming made all of our dreams come true by winning his first All Breed Best In Show at the Saginaw Valley Kennel Club show and then following it up by winning Reserve Best In Show on Sunday.  Since then PC has added many more Group wins and placements to his record, earned his place in the FCRSA Hall of Fame and ended his show career by winning Best of Opposite Sex at the 2017 FCRSA National Specialty.  It’s time for Prince Charming to head back to the field, help socialize our puppies and generally be spoiled by Maria.

Prince Charming is showing promise as a sire.  His first three litters have proven that he throws his head and he is improving fronts.  His offspring have his good natured temperament, several have field titles already and he has Champion offspring.  In fact, the litter he sired with our bitch Chick (Gamekeepers) has so far produced 5 Champions (2 with GCH points) 2 more are CH pointed, plus field and other performance titles!  His daughter Kate (Windy Hill), now a GCH, was awarded WB/BOW at the 2017 FCRSA National Specialty and his daughter Scrabble (Artic Sun) went Best Puppy in Show in January of 2017 and she is now a GCH.  We are looking forward to hearing more about their accomplishments.

 CH Gamekeepers Boom Chicka Wow Wow SH WCX “Chick”


  • DOB: November 5, 2012
  • AKC # SR75055406
  • OFA Hips: FR-5625E30F-VPI
  • OFA Patellas: FR-PA2295/30F/P-VPI
  • OFA Elbows: FR-EL2575F30-VPI
    • OFA CAER (Eyes): FR-EYE431/35F-PI Normal 10/31/2015
  • Chick’s Pedigree

Chick is Mitch’s new little Rock Star!  ChickWithBrushWPShe is out of the breeding of two Master National Qualifying Flat-coats; Dazzle (CH Gamekeepers Black Diamond CD MH WCX) and Ruff (GCH Flatford Ruffles and Flourishes MH WC) and her pedigree contains generations of Hall of Fame Flat-coats that have excelled in dual purpose endeavors.  There are Group winners, Westminster Winners and Master Hunters galore in her background.

Chick is proving to be a very talented and pretty little girl in her own right.  Breezed through her JH and she tore it up in the show ring.  Chick finished her Championship in just 1 month.  She was “in the purple” every weekend she was out showing.  At the 2015 FCRSA National Specialty, Chick won the highly competitive Working Bitch Class, JAM’d in the Unsteady Singles and earned her WC.  When she completed her time in the show ring, Chick was back in the field earning her SH and WCX.

Chick has taken some time off to have puppies and is now getting back in shape to work on her Master Hunter.  Her first litter with Prince Charming (6 boys and 3 girls) turned two years old Jan. 3, 2018 and so far 5 of them are finished Champions, 2 have GCH points, 2 more are CH pointed, plus field and other performance titles.  Chick’s second and final litter of 5 boys was born on May 6, 2018.  We look forward to hearing about their accomplishments.

GCH Windy Hill Royal Darling JH (WB/BOW 2017 FCRSA National) “Kate” and Windy Hill Royal Socialite JH WC “Pippa”

GCH Windy Hill Royal Darling JH
WB/BOW 2017 FCRSA National Specialty

  • DOB: January 4, 2015
  • AKC # SR86244803 – Kate
  • OFA Hips: FR-5889E24F-VPI
  • OFA Elbows: FR-EL2812F24-VPI
  • Patellas: Normal (vet cert.)
  • OFA CAER (Eyes): FR-EYE596/9F-NOPI Normal 10/31/2015
  • AKC # SR86244804 – Pippa
  • OFA Hips: FR-6173E43F-VPI
  • OFA Elbows: FR-EL3080F43-VPI
  • OFA Patellas: FR-PA2762/43F/P-VPI
  • OFA CAER (Eyes): FR-EYE597/9F-PI Normal 10/31/2015
  • Kate and Pippa’s Pedigree

Kate and Pippa are our beautiful girls out of the breeding between our Prince Charming and Diana (CH Windy Hill Goddess of The Hunt).  With those parents, a “Royal” litter theme was a given.

Kate is shaping up to be our next conformation superstar.  Full of life and beautiful, Kate finished her JH and then went out to show with Ryan Wolfe and Lisa Bettis.  Kate won multiple breeds over top ranked specials and finished with a bang by going Winners Bitch and Best of Winners at the 2017 FCRSA National Specialty.  Within weeks of that, she then sailed through to her Grand Championship.

Pippa is a precocious thing, has yet to meet a stranger and she’s smarter than a whip.  She finished her JH and WC with ease and is currently training for Senior.  Slower to mature than her sister, she will wait until after her Senior is done to hit the show ring.

We co-own these lovely girls with Sandy Muer, Bob and Sonja Rickert and Leanne Selof.  We are looking forward to watching our girls as they take on the world!

GCH Gamekeepers Little Black Dress JH WC “CC”

GCH Gamekeepers Little Black Dress JH WC

  • DOB: October 22, 2015
  • AKC #SR89931104
  • OFA Hips: FR-6020G24F-VPI
  • OFA Patellas: FR-PA2637/24F/P-VPI
  • OFA Elbows: FR-EL2938F24-VPI
  • OFA CAER (Eyes):
  • CC’s Pedigree

CC Stands for Coco Chanel, but her nickname has turned into CyClone because she is beautiful, talented and takes her world by storm!  CC is a birdy, intense and driven dog in the field.  Mitch reluctantly let Sandy and I take her out of field training so she could finish her CH, which she finished quickly and then sailed through her GCH.  She will be taking a bit more time off to have puppies with Piston (GCH Blazin’s Off Road Drive’N RN NA OAJ NF).  After that it will be back to Mitch for more field training where plans are to get her Master Hunter and possibly run her in some Quals. CC is co-owned with Sandy Muer.

Gamekeepers Peregrine “Falcon”

Our singleton puppy out of the much anticipated breeding between Marlowe (GCH Gamekeepers Femme Fatale JH WC) and Hawk (HRCH CH Gamekeepers Black Hawk MH WCX HOF).  Falcon is co-owned Sandy Muer

Gamekeepers Get Outta My Way “Tank”

Well, we weren’t supposed to keep a puppy, but we admit we were thrilled when this little fellow’s home decided they were not ready for a puppy after all.  Handsome, sweet, crazy for birds and water.  Looking forward to watching him grow.

CH Gamekeepers Boom Chicka Wow Wow SH WCX

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