Gamekeepers Puppies

Gamekeepers Retrievers has no puppies available for sale.

Recent changes in Ohio law have resulted in the Gamekeepers suspending it’s breeding program.  As a small hobby breeder, we have bred on average one litter a year.  We are preservation breeders who have carried on a very successful breeding program that has done much to advance and improve the breeds we are so passionate about.  We have not done this for any monetary gain.  As any preservation breeder can tell you, hobby breeding is a money losing proposition.

An extremely narrow interpretation of current statutes by the Ohio Department of Agriculture claims that the sale of even one puppy from our home after January 1, 2019 makes us a retail pet store.  Such sale would require us to purchase an expensive retail pet store license and will require us to comply with all retail pet store, high volume breeder regulations.  We are in no position to do this and with heavy hearts we are suspending our breeding program.

To those who have supported our efforts over the years, we thank you.  Our breeds are the better for it.  We fear for the future of preservation breeding and the future of pure bred dogs.  Thank you.

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